Put candles in custom candle boxes to use

As I was arranging the candles on my bookshelf, my mother asked me what I do with several candles and their custom candle boxes in my home. I explained that all candles were different from each other based on their ingredients and fragrances etc. Their retail custom candle boxes provided by the manufacturing or marketing company were best for storing these candles. These boxes are sturdy, functional, and do not look bad sitting on the shelves and anywhere else in the house. Most times, these boxes carried important information about the products. I learned how to add to the shelf life of candles by going through the instructions printed on custom candle boxes. Candles are favorite home accessories for most Americans. Most of us use candles within a week of buying them. We love lighting them in our homes and office for the coziness they add to a room.

There is so much one can do with the wickless candles sitting in their printed candle boxes. Just because a candle can no longer light, it does mean that they become useless. Teach your kids how to make fire starters from these leftover wax lumps. To create fire starters, empty all the printed candle boxes to find candles without wicks. To proceed further, get hold of an empty egg carton and fill it with the dryer. The next step involves melting the wax. If doing this project with kids, it will need supervision. The easiest way to melt wax is by using a saucepan and gentle heat. Pour the melted wax on the egg carton over the lint. Let it sit overnight and separate each egg cup in the morning. There are so many other fun projects to keep one occupied with an extra candle lying around the house.

What to do with candle in candle boxes packaging boxes

The modern candle boxes packaging play a significant role in keeping the candles safe from;

  1. Dust
  2. Impacts
  3. Humidity
  4. Freezing temperatures
  5. Melting
  6. Breaking during display and other factors that are damaging.

They are crafted from material in cardboard that is sturdy enough to protect these candles. These boxes are used to protect the candles. They also help cater to the marketing and advertising needs of the candle brand. Vital product information goes on these boxes for customers, which may include;

  1. Number of burning hours
  2. Precautions
  3. Instructions
  4. Bar codes
  5. Ingredient’s list
  6. Fragrance variant, etc.

Sort out the colorless or white candles from the colored ones. Teach your kid to write secret messages using these candles as pencils. It is a great project to teach them about the water-proofing concept. Ask them to paint over the written text in dark-colored water paints to reveal it properly.

Go through the collection of printed candle boxes that you have to find the color that is closest to your shoelaces. Dip the aglets of your shoelaces in melted wax and let them dry overnight. This trick will prevent your laces from getting frayed. It is an effective hack for winter too, as it will make shoelace threading easier.

Ordering the perfect custom candle boxes

The variety of candle boxes in USA is infinite. It is the only country in the world where thousands of fragrances in a candle are available for customers. Even the local brands and manufacturers of candles have started packaging their products in beautiful custom candle boxes giving international candle brands a tough time. If you are a manufacturer or marketer of candles, then remember to use multipurpose cardboard-based retail boxes to promote and pack them. Check out these customized boxes at ClipnBox print and packaging company from California.

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