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What is the IVF Success Rate of Donor Egg IVF Treatment?

Having a little one in your life is a blessing which fills your life with happiness, laughter and joy. To have a healthy and fit baby is a pleasure for every baby. After having a baby in your life you have a new journey every day to look ahead. But many of the couples are there in every city or country who don’t have the pleasure of being parents. Just because of the infertility issue or not being able to conceive baby for a period of 9 months. In such cases doctors suggest to go for IVF treatment but if this too fails then he recommends the donor egg IVF treatments. 

As many of the couple struggle a lot for conception as they are not able to conceive a baby through natural procedure. In India a steady growth in people dealing with infertility issues and every 3rd of the couple is facing infertility problems. 

After trying all the latest and modern treatments but are not able to conceive and you are searching for the prime and trustworthy center or clinic which gives you 100% positive results. Then the most recommended center is Mishka IVF center in Jaipur for all your infertility issues.

Moreover, The Mishka IVF center is famous for its gynecologist doctor and infertility specialist. The center provides the physical, mental and emotional support to their patients. Dr. Ruchi Bhandari the most prime faculty of infertility specialists in Jaipur. She is the head of the Mishka IVF center with a good and best team of doctors at her center. 

However, in this article you will get to know about the meaning and process of IVF and the best center.

What Does In Vitro Fertilization Treatment Mean? 

The meaning of In Vitro Fertilization is a complex series of processes which is used to help the fertility issues and prevent the patients from genetic problems and assist with the conceiving of a child. IVF is the process in which the doctors collect the mature eggs from females ovaries and get them mixed up with the sperms in the center’s artificial laboratory.

Now the whole process is worked under an specialist’s eye. When the embryo is started developing in the laboratory then the doctors transplant it back into the female’s womb. When the embryo is successfully implanted  back in the mother’s womb, doctors should go for a blood test after 2-3 week to check that the pregnancy is successful or not. 


6 major steps of IVF process

The in vitro fertilization process has six major steps which need to be done in the same order for the successful pregnancy. 


  1. Ovaries stimulation 
  2. Egg retrieval from ovaries 
  3. Eggs fertilization 
  4. Embryo culture 
  5. Transfer of embryos 
  6. Pregnancy test 

What do you understand by Donor Egg IVF Treatments?

Donor Egg IVF treatment is the process through which a woman will be able to conceive a baby. This process should be suggested by the doctors when the IVF treatment fails. Generally the doctors go for IVF treatment but in some cases there is a need for a donor egg IVF process. 

While conducting an IVF treatment if the patients eggs are not working or they are not in condition to use them for having a baby. Then the doctor needs to go for donor egg IVF procedure in which specialists take out the egg or eggs from the donor ovaries and fertilize them with the sperms in the laboratory. Sometimes when the donor is not available for any couple then the donor egg should be taken from the donor egg banks. Donors should be any family member, friends and relatives of the patients. Now when the embryo is starting forming, the doctors put back  the resulting embryo into the patient’s womb. 


 7 steps procedure of Donor Egg IVF 

Donor Egg IVF treatment  takes 7 steps to complete the whole process successfully. 

  1. Fertility testing
  2. Counselling
  3. Match of donor eggs 
  4. Eggs retrieval from donor
  5. Embryo formation 
  6. Transfer the embryo
  7. Test of pregnancy 


IVF Success Rate of Donor Egg IVF – Mishka IVF hospital 

The success rate of donor egg IVF treatments is on the basis of eggs quality donated by the donor; the embryo quality which is formed and the number of embryos transferred, the health condition of the receiver etc. the success rate normally depends upon the age factor of the donor and receiver. 

The age group people upto 42 in such cases the donor egg IVF success rate of healthy pregnancy should be 50% at that time when you are using the donor eggs, and for the people who come under the 42-45 age group in this case the success rate comes around 30-45%. And the womens who crossed the age 50 or the female who has attained her menopause the success rate falls down as in such cases the chances become rare or low. 

Usually, it is advised by the infertility doctors that the patients should go for a full medical examination for conceiving a baby after certain ages or the one who  has attained her menopause with the help of donor egg IVF. 


Why go to Mishka IVF hospital only?

Mishka IVF hospital is the well-precise hospital, center or clinic in the Jaipur city. The center is very well-known for its infertility treatment and gynecologist services by the famous and most prime doctor and the head of Mishka IVF center i.e.; Dr. Ruchi Bhandari.

In addition, she is the best doctor in Jaipur city who  treats her  patients so carefully and comfortably. Dr. Ruchi Bhandari makes sure that patients feel love and support at her clinics. She assures them to give friendly behavior during the whole process of IVF treatment or any other treatments. 

Furthermore, Mishka IVF is a well-developed center situated at the posh area in Gopalpura, Jaipur. The center is very well designed with the safety and comfort of the patients. Now during the situation of pandemic of covid 19, the center is properly sanitized on a daily basis. And the medical faculty of the Mishka IVF center properly uses face masks.  Also, the whole necessary medical kit which should be used now for their and patients safety.  


The Takeaway of the Blog 

In summing up the above article, the conclusion which comes out is this for any kind of problems relating to infertility problems or consulting a gynecologist the best center in Jaipur city is Mishka IVF center.

Henceforth, now you meet up with the best medical faculty for male and female both. Dr. Ruchi Bhandari here provides you with the good IVF treatments for infertility issues. Mishka IVF hospital is the top and foremost center to select for the treatment of Donor Egg IVF. 

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