Reasons Why It’s Time To Update Your Social Media Strategy

It’s easy to lose sight of your social media strategy in the constantly changing world of social media. Every day brings new features, updates, and websites that can make any business owner’s head spin. However, it is worth keeping up to date with social media trends. Are you ready to revamp your social media strategy . Continue reading to learn more.

New trends

The internet is changing because of changes in consumer technology. For example, the recent boom in mobile surfing has had a direct impact on how people use it. Facebook, for example, launched a mobile-only advertising program last year. This could prove to be very profitable for companies who know how to use it. These trends will eventually impact your social media strategy, as social media is prone to adapt to technological changes.

Feature Updates

Everyone who has used Facebook for more than a year will know that things can change at any time. They recently introduced the social graph which allows you to search for like-minded people on Facebook. Facebook recently updated their page analytics feature to be more precise. These changes can have a negative impact on your social marketing efforts so make sure you stay informed.

Use of social media

Are you able to explain why you are on social media? If you answer “because everyone else is,” that is the wrong answer. Why? It’s not enough to drive social marketing. Are you looking to improve customer service? You can increase brand awareness before opening a new location. This can be done with social media, but it is important to understand your motivations. A digital marketing company can provide the best digital marketing services in Navi Mumbai.

Not branching out

Your company or organization could be missing new opportunities to connect with potential customers if they have not yet found a way to use social networks beyond Facebook. Websites and apps such as Pinterest, Youtube, or Instagram receive tens to millions of visits each day. It might be worth exploring how to increase your reach on social media if your activities are limited to a few social networks. Get creative. You can be creative.

Intersaction with followers

Are you a content creator who doesn’t pay attention to the opinions of others? If you do, then social media is losing its “social” aspect. It is important to communicate with customers and fans via your channels. It is a great way to get feedback and address complaints.

Too Spammy

Slowly, the age of sales talk is dying on the internet. The internet today is more of a medium for information and conversation than anything else. Check out the most recent things you have shared on social media. You may sound robotic or telemarketer-like, but you are still able to relate to your audience.

Not managing the interaction

You should establish house rules in the event that any inappropriate behavior or language is posted to your business page. You should create a document which clearly outlines disruptive behavior, such as spamming and inflammatory posts. Make it available to all who interact on your blog or social media. You can give a warning to anyone who breaks the rules or ban them from your pages.

Posting updates

It can be time-consuming to update each social network individually.  A scheduling tool that can simplify the task of posting updates to social networks one by one. You can monitor multiple Facebook pages and Twitter accounts from one interface. This program also allows you to schedule tweets and posts ahead of time.

Not Being Original

Everyone can share, retweet and rehash news from elsewhere. But do you have something to offer your audience? While retweeting valuable information and sharing it is great, you should also make and share original content. Hire outside help if you need assistance in content creation. You can hire a professional photographer, writer, or social media consultant to help you create original, shareable content for your online communities.

Don’t be alarmed if any of these apply to you. You are not the only one. Social media is constantly changing and can be difficult to keep up with. Every business should review their strategy every few month to ensure it is still relevant. There is always room to improve, no matter how hard you try.

Increased brand awareness

Did you know that social media accounts are used by 90% of people to communicate with businesses? Social media can increase brand recognition and visibility by integrating it into your marketing strategy. This is a great way to communicate the latest news and product updates to your target audience. Your message is not blocked like email. Your message is more widely distributed and your brand becomes more familiar to current customers and leads.

Targeting the right channels for prospects and customers will help you increase your brand visibility. This increases visibility can help you gain their trust, and increase their interest in repeat purchases.

It’s where your customers are

59% of people visit social media sites every day. A third of them check their accounts more than five times per day. Businesses that post regularly are more appealing to prospects.

Marketers can target the right audience with over 800 social media channels. Pinterest users are 32% male and 68% of them female. LinkedIn users are aged 35 and older. Nike is the most popular brand on Instagram. Knowing your audience allows you to focus on the social spaces they use.

For any business looking to get started with social media marketing, the top six media channels are the best.

  1. Facebook
  2. YouTube
  3. WhatsApp
  4. Messenger
  5. WeChat
  6. Instagram

These sites have millions of monthly active users (MAUs), and they are growing. Marketers can target specific demographics by targeting them based on their gender and age.

Increased brand loyalty and retargeting

We all want to shop in a store that pays attention to our needs as consumers. It is human nature. This is true for online shoppers as well. Customers will be more loyal to a brand if they are able to interact with them and answer their questions.

You can use a retargeting partner to retarget shoppers who abandon their cart by showing ads on their social platforms. Two of the most popular examples are Instagram and Facebook. Your retargeting partner can continuously improve its ability to display targeted ads to the right people, decreasing abandoned carts. This is another way to show that you care about your customers’ needs.


SMM is one the most cost-effective advertising methods. It is three times cheaper than traditional media. Below is an example of cross-channel analysis on the CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) of advertising.

Social media marketing reduces costs but doesn’t compromise results. It is important to invest in time and effort to create and publish content as well as have conversations with customers. The time required is negligible compared to the return. Survey results show that 84% of marketers were able to generate more traffic by committing only 6 hours per week.

Market Awareness from the Source

Social media offers marketers a great opportunity to market their products and services. Understanding the needs of customers is key to market awareness. You can monitor your social media accounts to find out what they’re saying.

It’s like having a personal conversation with hundreds of shoppers, and hearing their opinions. It’s possible to observe customer interests and opinions that you wouldn’t otherwise know. You can also respond immediately to problems rather than letting them grow.

Genuine Customer Satisfaction

Customers expect companies to be reliable and provide exceptional service. A company’s best way to show respect and value its customers is by responding personally to their comments. This includes responding promptly to negative feedback.

Customers appreciate companies that respond quickly to their concerns. 88% of respondents said that they would be less inclined to purchase from merchants that don’t respond promptly to complaints or comments.

It is worth it to answer every question with a personal, direct message.

Building More Brand Authority

Online shoppers can be skeptical about almost anything. Online reviews are a major factor in 93% of online shoppers’ buying decisions. Positive reviews reduce the risk of buying by proving credibility and authority. A brand’s authority increases the more people like it and follow it on Twitter.

Quality content is key to building authority on social media platforms. It is about engaging with customers often. You will have more chances to show your expertise the more relevant the content.

Increased organic traffic

A social media strategy can also increase website traffic. Share valuable content via social media to provide shoppers with direct links to your website. You’ll get more traffic and conversions if you share more content and more links.

Users will click through to your site if they find interesting content. To encourage engagement and drive traffic to your website, convert your most popular content, such as videos, tips, or infographics.

74% of consumers share videos from brands. You have more chances to convert leads into customers if you post videos or other content more often.

SEO Rankings Enhanced

Google’s official line is that social media does not affect a website’s ranking. However, marketing experiments have shown otherwise. Multiple reports have shown a correlation between site rank and average social network comments and shares.

Search engines rank social profiles of companies higher than their company’s. If you search for “Chanel” cosmetics, you will see links to their Twitter and Facebook accounts on the first SERP.

A consistent social presence is a sign that a brand is credible, trustworthy, and authoritative. While ranking factors change constantly, you can be sure that a social presence will increase your rankings. Keep your profile updated regularly.

Enjoy Higher Conversion Rates

We have already talked about how consistent posting high-quality content builds trust and establishes your company’s authority. Is it a way to increase conversions? The conversion rate for the trial was 3x higher than in the previous campaign.

What makes Social media so powerful? It allows you to personalize your brand messaging. Social networks allow people to exchange information. Brands can showcase the human side of their brand and build trust. This will lead to higher conversions.

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