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Top 7 Best Free Minimalist WordPress Themes Of 2022

If you are looking for free minimalist WordPress themes for your website then this is the right article for you! Free things are loved by everyone but what is the meaning behind minimalism when it comes to Best WordPress Themes? The answer is, minimalist themes are designed with simplicity. The websites created using minimalist WordPress themes are clean and simple. This makes the websites easy to use for new users as it looks simple to their eyes. 

You might think that bold, flashy, and feature-rich elements are a better option to attract the user’s attention. But users usually bend toward minimalist and simple designs. Minimalist designs can bring more engagement to your website.

The advantages of Minimalist WordPress themes are:

  • Simplicity
  • Effectiveness
  • Professionalism
  • Fast Loading Time
  • Adaptability

Free and minimalist WordPress themes are a great choice if you are new to the platform. This is because these themes are simple to use and have the necessary and limited features so that you don’t have to spend your time managing unnecessary items. 

Now that we’ve taken a quick look at what minimalist WordPress themes are, let’s look at some of the best and free minimalist WordPress themes.

Top 7 Free Minimalist WordPress Themes:

Minimalism goes with the saying “less is more”. And for years the same saying has been applied to web designs. Minimalist WordPress themes cater exactly to what you need for your website and nothing more. This decreases the efforts one has to make while managing the content of the website. Fewer features equal less effort which in return saves time. And since these themes are available on WordPress you won’t have to write a single line of code.

Let’s look at the top 7 free minimalist WordPress themes which we have picked for you.

Free Gardening WordPress Theme:

Gardening WP theme is a free minimalist WordPress theme designed simply and cleanly. It is designed so to attract a larger audience crowd which can lead to an increase in potential clients or customers. Its design is not just simple and clean but also elegant which gives justice to the online space you have. It comes with all the important and necessary features that are needed for a website to stand in a tough market. Some important features of this theme are;

  • Responsiveness
  • SEO-friendly
  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • Cross-Browser Compatible

With the features mentioned above, your website will be able to fit all types of screen sizes. This theme is compatible with both the old and latest versions of WordPress. The optimized SEO codes will help your website appear in the top results of the search page. You can also add an online store to your website using WooCommerce with just a few clicks. Sections like a testimonial section, an about us section, a services section, blogs, and newsletters can also be added to your website to keep your users well informed. 

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Free Bakery WordPress Theme:

This free minimalist WordPress theme has a clean, simple, eye-catchy design and also has a friendly user interface at both the front and back end. It is made with a pastel color palette which best suits a bakery business. You can use this theme to create a website for any bakery-related business. Its sleek and colorful design will attract visitors who can turn into potential customers. Some essential features this theme offers you are;

  • Responsive layout
  • All-browser compatibility
  • Translation Readiness

Its built-in SEO helps your website in getting good traffic and better ranks on the search result pages. You can also add your social media icons to your website. This bakery theme comes with customization and personalization options using which you can customize the theme and the logo. It is compatible with WooCommerce and lets you start an online store through your website easily. Informative sections like newsletters, blogs, testimonials, and about us can also be added to the website. The theme setup and installation are also easy to perform.

Free Automobile WordPress Theme:

The Automobile WP theme is built carefully to capture the fanaticism of the automobile world. This free minimalist WordPress theme is a great choice for automobile business owners who want to take their business online with fewer expenses. This minimalist theme caters to all the needs of an automobile website. You can add informative sections, a gallery, social media handles, and all the necessary sections required for your business website. With this theme, you can give your website a professional look with an appealing design. This free theme will give your website good page layouts, advanced sliders, and slideshows. 

With its WooCommerce feature, you can turn your website into an online store. Since this is a minimalist theme, you won’t face any issues in the installation and setup of this theme. It also comes with all the important features like responsiveness, SEO-friendliness, user-friendliness, cross-browser compatibility, and translation readiness. And since this theme is responsive it can be accessed using any device and screen type. Your website will fit perfectly to the screen sizes. Not only responsive but this theme is also cross-browser compatible. This means your website can be accessed through all types of web browsers.

Free Computer Repair WordPress Theme:

If you are a computer repair store owner then you should give this theme a look. With more than half of the population using computers, computer repair issues are bound to occur. A computer repair business exists to solve such issues. To take your computer repair business online and give it an online presence you should go with this free minimalist WordPress theme. With its clean and secure code, you won’t face any issues in using it. 

This theme comes with an optimized SEO. The optimized SEO will help your website reach better ranks and more people through the search result pages. Thus increasing your reach and boosting your business. The computer repair theme is compatible with 6.1 and the latest versions of WordPress. And theme installation and setup are easy to handle as the theme is minimalist. You can add an appointment booking section, a testimonials section, an about us, newsletters, blogs, and contact forms to your website.

Customization and personalization options are also available with this theme so you can give your website a unique look. There is zero investment while using this theme and you get tons of necessary features. This theme also offers you retina-readiness, Bootstrap framework, call-to-action buttons, etc.

Free Podcast WordPress Theme:

Podcasts are growing and getting trendy day by day. So if you are planning to start your podcast to grow your brand’s popularity try this Free Podcast WordPress Theme. It is a free minimalist theme with a simple and clean design that is easy to use. And to create a website using this theme you don’t require coding knowledge. Thanks to the pre-built layout and templates, you can create a podcast website easily. All you have to do is drag and drop your content. You can use any type of content type to display on your website. This theme is responsive. This means your website can be accessed through any kind of device type and screen size. Some other features of this theme are;

  • Bootstrap Framework
  • Retina ready
  • Translation ready
  • User-friendly
  • Clean and secure code
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • SEO optimized codes

These Premium WordPress Themes come with theme documentation which will help you during the installation and setup process. The SEO-optimized codes will help your website reach better ranks in the search results and reach more audiences. This theme is a great choice for new users who want to try starting a podcast as it is easy to use.

Free WordPress Book Theme: 

This free minimalist WordPress theme is an excellent choice for bookstore owners. You can take your bookstore online with this theme and gain more customers and reach. This theme is minimal and made of uncomplicated design. With this theme, you can create an elegant website for bookstores, online booksellers, eBook stores, etc. This theme can be used for creating websites for bookstores, online booksellers, libraries, online and offline reading clubs, eBook websites, authors, writers, journalists, editors, publishers, etc. Using this theme you can create professional and visually pleasing websites with minimum effort. 

WP Book theme is a responsive, translation-ready, and cross-browser-compatible theme. You can customize and personalize your website to give it a unique look with a personalized touch. With its theme customizer, you can change the logo and add slider settings. This theme is SEO friendly and loads quickly when accessed. It is thoroughly documented and you can install it on your own.

You can create your bookstore website and start selling books as this theme is WooCommerce compatible. Listing and displaying your books won’t be an issue. This WooCommerce-compatible feature lets you turn your website into an online store with simple clicks. 

Free Real Estate WordPress Theme:

This real estate WordPress theme is built carefully to cater to the business’s high-quality standard. You can make professional-looking and exceptional websites for your real estate business using this theme. People owning real estate businesses should give this theme a try. This theme comes with a responsive design. With the responsive device, your website will be able to fit on any size of screen. 

Cross-browser compatibility of this theme makes it accessible through all kinds of web browsers. You can categorize the types of properties you sell with a few clicks. And like every professional website, you can add sections like testimonials, about us, services, newsletters, blogs, etc.

This theme has more than a hundred color and font options. Customization and personalization can also be done to your website the way you like. With WooCommerce compatibility you can turn your business website into an online store which directly or indirectly is connected to your real estate business. This is a free minimalist WordPress theme. This means it saves you effort and money while creating your website. The theme installation and setup are secure and easy to do. Some additional and necessary features of this theme are;

  • Translation ready
  • Retina ready
  • Optimized SEO codes
  • User-friendly
  • Fully responsive

Free Web Designer WordPress Theme: 

A web designing agency requires a modern and sleek website and this Web Design Agency WordPress Theme caters to that with perfection. This free minimalist WordPress theme comes with an attractive layout and modern design which best describes web developers and designers. Web designer WP theme is created carefully while keeping web developers, application companies, and theme developers in mind. Companies dealing with software development and web development can also use this theme to create portfolio websites. This theme gives you a professional platform for you to promote your web designing skills. You can also reach a wider audience using this theme as it comes with SEO-friendly codes. 

Personalization and customization options are also included with this theme. Using these you can give your website a personalized touch and a unique look. It has 100+ fonts and colors available for you to choose from. Even though this is a web designer theme you don’t require coding knowledge to use it. This theme is available on WordPress and so it is code free. You just have to drag and drop your content in the pre-designed slots in the theme templates. The theme installation and setup can be done easily without any third party. Additional features that come with this theme are;

  • Responsiveness
  • Retina Ready
  • SEO codes
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Secure and clean codes
  • User-friendly



Free Minimalist WordPress themes are a great option to go for if you want less management burden. It also costs you nothing as it is free. Websites created using this theme have a faster load time as they only have the required features and nothing extra. WordPress has already tested these themes for any kind of bugs/malware. Choosing the right theme that best suits your brand is up to you and we hope you found the theme you were looking for. If not, you can check WordPress Theme Bundle and Best WordPress Themes to browse more WordPress themes. 


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