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Selvatica an adventure park in Cancun

Selvatica, one of the several adventure parks in Cancun, is a must-see if you’re on vacation. Cancun’s newest and most popular amusement park features thrilling zip lines, gorgeous cenotes, and a jungle full of adventure. If you’re seeking the ultimate experience, here we are to give you a complete guide to Selvatica Zip-Lining Adventure Park in Puerto Morelos.

In addition to ziplining, Selvatica provides an off-road adventure tours in Cancun! You will swim in a cenote, zipline through the jungle canopy, sprint across a series of tough hanging bridges, and ride the Tanzania coaster. Driving a modern ATV through the jungle and satisfying your thirst for speed is yet to come!

With zip lines, swinging bridges and an ATV ride, Selvatica an adventure park in Cancun is the ultimate jungle adventure in the Mexican city of Cancun. In addition, lunch, refreshments, and round-trip transportation are included in the Cancun deals.

How far away is Selvatica?

On the Ruta de Los Cenotes Kilometer 18, Puerto Morelos Highway, the park is just 15 minutes from the city centre. It’s a 45-minute trip from Cancun or Playa del Carmen if you’re staying there. It’s about a two-hour journey from Tulum. If you purchase your tour through Selvatica’s official website, you can add round-trip transportation from your hotel for an extra $10 to USD 15. You’ll be picked up by an authorized driver in a modest, pleasant, spacious, and air-conditioned shuttle van.

Activities at Selvatica

Selvatica is a top-rated adventure park in the Riviera Maya with hundreds of 5-star ratings, and it was named Traveler’s Choice for 2022. Zip lines, cenote jumps, ATVs, and bungee swings are some of the available activities. There are four distinct tour experiences to select from:

  • Zipline Circuit, Bungee swing, Tanzania, 4 X 4 Offroad, Superflight, and Cenote Swim have included in the Gimme All package.
  • In addition to Zip Lines, Tanzania and 4X4 ATVs, Offroad includes.
  • It includes a zip line circuit in Tanzania and swimming in two cenotes as part of the Extreme canopy tour.
  • Mud Madness and Mexology are two of my favourite things.
  • Ziplining, swimming in two cenotes, and a mixology experience are all included in the package.

Extreme Zip Line Adventure

Selvatica’s enormous zip line circuit has set a new standard for other parks in the area. They have been dubbed “The Human Roller Coaster” because of their unique design, which resembles riding a roller coaster. The most popular attraction at Selvatica, thanks to its unique and exciting design. You and a small group travel through the circuit simultaneously, and the same guide is with you at all times.

A zip line travels over a cenote, where you may splash and cool down. If you want something more thrilling, there’s a “Superman” zip line that allows you to “fly” face-first through the Mayan forest (Superflight).

Offroad and Other Adventures at Selvatica

After completing the zipline circuit, you can opt for a trip that involves driving ATVs (ATV Polaris) on a “Mud-Madness” track, where you will navigate tight curves and highways. Swimming in a beautiful cenote awaits you when you cross the finish line.

Learn about the craft of cocktails from a “Mexologo,” a master mexologist who goes by that name. You’ll learn how to make traditional and contemporary cocktails with premium Tequila and a traditional Mexican snack during this educational and entertaining experience.

Selvatica’s Entry Fee and Tours

The price of entrance to Selvatica changes based on the time of day, the season, and the size of your group, all of which are considered when calculating the admission price. Depending on the tour, prices might range from $69 to USD 140. Adults and children pay different prices (8 to 15). Visit their official website to learn more about the many trip options, special offers and availability.

Tips about Visits to Selvatica Require the Following Preparation

Travellers’ experiences and opinions Mention how nice and well-coordinated the teams are at Selvatica. Make your trip as enjoyable as possible. The following are a few crucial ideas for pre-trip preparation:

  • When travelling between hotels, it’s wise to arrange for round-trip transportation.
  • Don’t forget a towel, sandals, and a change of clothes.
  • To participate in the Selvatica tours, children must be at least 8 years old.
  • The driver must have at least 16 years old and possess a driver’s license to operate an all-terrain vehicle.
  • Follow your guide’s directions at all times for your protection.
  • Zip lines have constraints on their use due to their length and weight. A 47-inch waist circumference is the maximum permissible. The Tanzania rollercoaster has a weight restriction of 245 pounds.
  • Please be aware that the park’s attractions are inaccessible to visitors with disabilities.
  • While meals are included on all tours, they are only available during particular times. Prepare by stocking up on snacks or eating a healthy meal before heading out.

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