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The New Adult Colouring CrazeYou read that right.

The New Adult Colouring CrazeYou read that right.

Colouring books are no longer just for children. You can now purchase adult versions filled with big and beautiful illustrations. Names That Mean Death


This trend first began in France and became very popular amongst French women and has now spread around many parts of the globe! In fact colouring books are selling in much higher numbers than cookery books in France – Amazing!

Advantages of these new books are creating internal calm and reducing stress and istanbul escort anxiety.

As you can imagine this has also helped many mental health sufferers and there’s even one story I came across of an epilepsy sufferer who’s condition was somewhat helped by this.

Users also claim to be ‘mentally clearer and happier’. Another study which got war veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to use the books found that they helped put some of their symptoms at ease.

A number of people also recommend colouring just before you go to bed, instead of fiddling around with your gadgets for a relaxed and improved sleep.

Just under half a million French men and women use this form of therapy on a regular basis and book stores are reporting higher demand for the colouring books!

Scottish illustrator Johanna Basford is the successful creator of ‘Secret Garden‘ which so far is one of the best adult colouring books on the market having sold one and a half million copies all across Europe.

Johanna Basford
Johanna Basford

British book store Waterstones claimed they had a 300% increase in demand for this new hobby towards the end of 2014. At one point three of Amazon’s top ten books were Adult colouring books, many with shining five star reviews. Apparently 2015 is ‘The year of the colouring book’. But if you’re in to your designer products, fear not as Yves Saint Laurent and Hermes have released their own colouring books!

Ditch Those Monday Blues

Another week, another Monday along with those Monday blues that are too familiar to us all.

I was listening to the radio last week, and for a while now it’s been loitering around in my mind about the emphasis we all have when it comes to the weekend. I know for most of us that means: lies in, no work and freedom. However the thing that gets to me the most is how quick we are to rush the weekday and get to the weekend.

We just want that weekend!
Spiritually, we are killing ourselves in that rush where we wish to kill time. I understand that for most of us this means we may have greater plans and our work lives can be dreadfully boring and repetitive, but we miss the joy that each day brings.

I once learned the Kardashian Klan end their days reflecting on the peak and pit of the day. The peak- being the good about the day and the pit- being the downer of the day. As critical as we can be about the Kardashians, this is something we should all profit from.

Furthermore, I believe we should end our day in gratitude. There’s always something to being thankful for. We seem to stereotype Monday with the reference of having the blues. I seem to have those if my weekend was cheerless. However who’s not to say that anyway of the week is where you cannot be faced with dispiritedness. We need to look for the joy in everyday, no matter how small.

“When you arise in the morning, give thanks for the morning light, for your life and strength. Give thanks for your food and the joy of living. If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies with yourself.”

? Rhonda Byrne, The Magic

Isn’t there anything special about Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday?
There is always something good that happens. We may get a compliment that makes us remember how special we are as individuals. Our bus may be on time. We may forget our umbrella, it may rain the whole bus journey but when we get off it stops. Every day has small little miracles we fail to grasp because we are waiting for that immense miracle.

Without looking at those little trails of daily miracles we miss signs. The small grain only leads us up to the extra special magic moment that our lives need for re direction or more inspiration. I have my own little omens. The white butterflies, feathers and what we use to call make a wish flowers when we were little kids, the dandelions dispersing seed which floats in the air on its white fluff. To me, these are little godly omens. I regard them as small signs that all is well and how it’s meant to be.

For sure, radio should rejoice in the now. We should not be shouting things like “It’s Tuesday, that means three more days till the weekend” Can we not just say: its Tuesday. Let’s reflect on our Tuesday treats, or our wonders of Wednesday? We shouldn’t rush the weekend in. As much as I love my Sundays, I will love MTWTF.

Ditch the Monday blues and:

“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your istanbul escorts life.”

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