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Computers and Technology

The Top 10 Different Types of Podcast Formats

In this article, we are going to talk about various podcast formats available out there. It may sound easy to work on every format, but the truth is that it is not so easy. There are subcategories within the different types of podcast formats. This makes it tricky to define each of the formats clearly. But we have tried to do an in-depth study of the podcasting format and styles.

If you are a beginner, it will help you sharpen your podcasting skills while selecting a perfect format for yourself that works fine for your niche. And if you are a bit experienced even an expert in podcast editing, the list will help you maneuver in the right direction to explore newer things.

1. Conversational podcast format

In a conversational format, there exists an involvement of two hosts who takes part in having a straightforward conversation and builds up good chemistry. Thus, it is also known as a co-hosted podcast. Both the hosts have their own specific roles in the conversation.

For instance, one may do news reporting, and the other one may comment on it. One might give lessons, and the other may tell stories of personal experiences. The tasks can also be split up between the two hosts. Additionally, these organic conversational podcasts are more preferred by listeners than the ones that come with a prepared script.

2. Monologue podcast format

A monologue podcast is also known as the solo podcast and is considered to be one of the most common styles of podcast formats. In this particular format, there is only a single person who delivers the content, and not much setup is needed.

Most beginners prefer this format. As one single person only inputs his/ her voice, it makes this format easier to edit. All you require is a top-notch microphone to get started. This format is good for brand building, and additionally, you do not need to rely on anyone for help. A basic understanding of podcasting will help you make full use of this format.

3. One-to-One interview-based podcast format

In an interview podcast, one or two hosts bring a new guest to their show and interviews him/ her. The guest shares their own expertise and amazing experiences with the listeners. Here the hosts start with a small introduction, and slowly moves forward, and make the individual guest unpack his/ her stories.

The best part is that in this kind of format, a guest talks more than the host. Thus, hosts are only required to steer the conversation. Moreover, the listeners forgive little mistakes because they understand that the conversation is legitimate without having and prepared script.

4. Repurposed content podcast format

When you take an already-existing content and convert it in a new way to extract more value from it, the type of content is referred to as repurposing content. You may split the existing content, add additional information, or change the order to make a new source.

Some bloggers get hold of existing written content and convert it into a podcast to give the listeners an audio experience of their written story. The best part is that, as you have the content, all you need to do is get some minor edits done.

5. Panel interview podcast format

A panel podcast, also known as a guest interview, is somehow similar to a one-to-one interview format. But the difference is that it consists of more people, specifically guests. There exist a single guest and a few guests for each episode. Listeners feel that they are hearing an organic conversation among friends.

As the panel of guests do the majority of talking, the host gets under minimal pressure. The hosts only need to ask few questions and wait for the guests to do the talking part. Each of such episodes is based on unique and interesting opinions and valuable insights.

6. Theater podcast format

A theater podcast format is also called a fictional storytelling podcast format. Speakers take up multiple episodes to tell fictional stories. The concept is almost similar to a dramatic TV. Some of the contents are narrated by a particular voice, while they may use voices of different actors, incorporate top-notch sound effects and other high-quality audio elements.

In this podcast format, listeners will find tension, climaxes, and a sudden ending in the stories. Theater podcast formats are ideal for those podcasters who want to create characters, make a fictional world, and weave plots creatively.

7. Non-fictional storytelling podcast

This type of podcast consists of an episode that covers real-life incidents. Listeners get to hear about various topics like murders, expeditions, or any historical events. Either you can tell one story for each episode, or you can expand it like a series. You may even report news in this case.

This podcast format is for listeners who desire to learn more about the real world. This type of podcast format exposes new concepts, events, and even ideas to many listeners.

8. Improv podcast format

If you have a sharp wit and supple reflexes regarding conversations, an improv podcast might be apt for you. This format can be either solo-hosted or co-hosted. You may also follow a panel guest format.

Now the point is that the content needs to be impromptu. It may cover a general topic or may have a broad script based on the show type. However, conversations can flow freely. This versatile format works well with several podcasting styles and niches.

9. Hybrid podcast format

The best part about choosing this podcast format is that you do not need to cling to a single format particularly. Just mix and match several formats to have some fun and create a more exciting podcast.

A lot of podcasters are there who take different elements from many formats and combine them to make their show. This format is particularly ideal when your niche topic does not fit into the traditional podcast formats or when you want to be more flexible about your topic.

10. Table Top podcast format

The last one is the tabletop podcast format, which is often called “actual play podcasts.” In this format, a group of people records themselves while playing their tabletop role-playing game and ultimately releases the record as a podcast.

If done well, it can be exciting for listeners as it will be full of unrehearsed storytelling. This particular niche-focused format has gained popularity over the past few years, as they provide scope to the fans of the game to join any campaign.


The blog has successfully portrayed you with the top 10 podcast formats. In case you think that you are the only one who didn’t know about all these formats, do not worry; there are many podcasters like you. With the development of the industry, new avenues will be met, which might help us to know newer formats in the future to pushes the boundaries of creativity.

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