The Ultimate Guide to Launch your own Gojek Clone App in Vietnam

What would it take to build a Powerful Gojek like App? I would say some Smart Work would be enough to build it successfully! For Entrepreneurs like you in Vietnam, this is the perfect guide that would tell you the Best-Kept Secret that no Magician told you about.

Pssst! Now, you can create your very own App in just 7 Days with the help of a White-Labeling Firm. You will only have to PURCHASE a Pre-Built App that is Mature, rigorously Market Tested, and Fully Optimized.

What is a White-Labeling Firm? Well, a White-Labeling Firm Customizes your App inside out as per details provided in the Scope Document by the Entrepreneur! To put this in simple words, they Rebrand their Base App with your Company’s Name and Logo. They also change the Color Theme of the App and the Website to match with the color of your Company’s Logo.

The Firm will remove every trace of their Identity from the App and and the Panels so that no one in the World would come to know that they have coded the App for you. Also, they will never publish or disclose that they have worked for you. Your relation with the Firm and your Unique App Ideas will be kept confidential adhering to the Non-Disclosure Agreement Policy.
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Now that you’re aware of what’s this Secret Weapon, let’s learn how to build one.


Step 1: Do an in-depth Market Research

This Market Research is critical for your Business in Vietnam. So, conduct a Market Survey, or hire a Well-Qualified Researcher who can provide you useful intel about:

  • Who will be your Target Audience?
  • What’s the scope of the Market?
  • What kind of On-Demand Services do people want?
  • How many Service Providers are willing to join an Online Platform and deliver their Services?

Step 2: Find the Perfect White-Labeling Firm

Once you are ready with your Market Research, the next step is to take your research a little further and select the Best, Licensed, and Globally Reputed White-Labeling Firm. Here’s how you can decide which of them is “THE ONE.”

  • They should have an Industry Experience of at least a Decade in launching such Apps on a daily basis!
  • The Firm’s Official Website must have Video Testimonials of their Clients.
  • They should have launched over a Thousand App in the past two years itself.

Step 3: Try their FREE DEMO APP

A Well-Established White-Labeling Firm of Global Repute will never charge you for trying out their DEMO APP.  You can use the Gojek Clone Demo App for as long as you want, until you feel satisfied that this is the Perfect App like Gojek that you were looking for in Vietnam!

Step 4:  Tell your Project Requirements to the Technical Project Manager

The Firm will already have a Base App that is Pre-Built, Market-Tested, Bug-Free and Fully-Optimized to run on any device. So, the Entrepreneur goes ahead and buys the Package with Payment Milestones! The Project starts the Next Day. Now you’ll be assigned a Technical Project Manager who’d be at your Service to solve any queries you have via Calls, Texts, Emails, Skype and even WhatsApp. This Technical Project Manager will ask you to fill up the following information from the Scope Document! This Single Document has all the data regarding the Launch and Setup of the App.

  • Services that you want
  • Your preferred Language, Currency, and Payment Gateway
  • Login Details of your Server and Play Store
  • Color-Theme
  • Your Company’s Logo
  • Splash Screen

After you make the payment of half the Cost of the Package, the White-Labelling Firm shall take a couple of days to rebrand your App and Web Panel inside out. Then, they’ll show you Demo of your Android Apps on their Development Server for Review Process.

Step 5: Go Live with your own On-Demand Multi Services App

Once you think that everything is as per your Requirements and Expectations, you can go ahead and make the rest of the Pending Payment in One-Go. Now they will show you Demo of the iOS Apps on their Development Server. You can take 2 to 3 Days to check everything! Upon your Approval, the Experts at the Firm will move on to the App Launch Process and without any fuss, you can go live with your App just like that.

Gojek Clone App Services:

  • Food Delivery
  • Grocery Delivery
  • Taxi Booking App
  • Courier Delivery
  • And Many more On demand Delivery


Have you always dreamt of becoming a Successful Entrepreneur in Vietnam? Do you want to be a Billionaire and start earning easy and quick money without spending a Quarter of a Million Dollars?

If you want it all, then contact a White-Labeling Firm without wasting a minute!  Build Your Gojek Clone right now!

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