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Top 3 Provincial Nominee Programs for easy Canada PR.

Easy is quite a word, isn’t it. Whenever we read the word easily, our attention automatically shifts there. Here we are today to tell you the best three Provincial Nominee programs. There are 10 provinces and 3 territories in Canada. Each one of these provinces and territories offers provincial nominations if an applicant qualifies all the eligibility requirements. Firstly, let’s discuss what Provincial Nomination is. There are hundreds of immigrants seeking a Canada PR. Canada offers various immigration programs to facilitate immigrants from all walks of life. Provincial Nomination is one such program, in which labor or worker requirements are met through nominations. In simple words, provinces nominate number of immigrants to meet their labor or worker needs. Below is detailed information about three of the best Provincial Nominee program for easy Canada PR.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. (MPNP)

Manitoba is one of the most popular provinces of Canada. It’s an interesting fact that Manitoba was the first province ever to offer Provincial Nomination which can help in getting Canada PR. In its first-ever program Manitoba gave 418 immigrants LAA (Letter of advice to apply). Currently, every year MPNP nominates about 4000 immigrants. There are two ways through which one can get the nomination.

  • Basic stream
  • Enhanced stream
Basic stream: –  this stream has three pathways through which one can apply, these streams are directly under MPNP.
  • Skilled worker program– under this program skilled labor with a great amount of skills in specific sectors gets preference. It has two sections that are skilled workers in Manitoba and skilled workers overseas
  • International education stream – under this program, students who graduates from Manitoba get the nomination. It has 3 pathways
    • Career employment pathway: – this pathway are for those applicants, who are post graduated from Manitoba institute. also, they have employment in Manitoba
    • Graduate internship pathways: – these are for the international master and doctoral graduates, and completed accelerate and elevate internship with Mitacs.
    • International student entrepreneur pathways: – under this stream international Manitoba graduates get opportunity to become entrepreneurs in Manitoba.
  • Business investor stream:- under this stream Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program gives preference to those immigrants, who are going to invest in Manitoba. Investment here means entrepreneur or businessman who is seeking to invest in Manitoba. This means those who can give financial benefit on the large scale.

Enhanced stream: – this stream is related to the Express Entry. It means after applying for EOI or Expression of Interest, Manitoba will nominate you if you have enough CRS scores. Your Express Entry profile will be awarded by some points, on the basis of the details. If the province finds you qualified for the province, you will get the nomination. Applicant with Express Entry profile can also apply under skilled worker overseas pathways.

British Columbia Provincial Nomination (BC PNP)

British Columbia is one of the most famous provinces of Canada. This popular also offers immigrants several pathways to get nomination under BC PNP. There are various streams and several sub streams through which an applicant can get a nomination. Like all provincial programs, BC PNP is economic centric. It means British Columbia seeks immigrants, who can support the province economically or financially.

There are two major immigration pathways: Skills Immigration and Entrepreneur Stream.

Skills immigration stream: –

Under this stream, skilled workers can get nomination. These are the following categories

  • Skilled worker category– these are for those immigrants who have specific skilled job offer.
  • Healthcare Authority – immigrant with qualifications of nurses, health professionals and psychiatric nurses can apply under this.
  • International graduate– this category is for those, who are graduates from one of the authorized university of Canada. They also should have job offers from British Columbia.
  • International post-graduate– under this category applicants with post graduate degrees from any of the British Columbian institutes in natural applied or health science can get the nomination. You do not need a job offer under this category.
  • Entry Level or Semi-skilled worker category: – under this category any immigrant who is at entry level or semi-skilled in tourism, food processing, or trucking can apply. This category is not applicable to the Express Entry or EEBC option.

Express Entry

Through the Express Entry system of British Columbia, one can apply for Canada PR. Although, Express Entry is aligned with the federal selection system and allows those candidates who fulfill the eligibility criteria. under any of the BC PNP Skills Immigration programs as well as that of Express Entry requirements.

Entrepreneur stream

BC also seeks the people who can invest or can do startups. Also it can benefit the province economically.

Ontario Provincial Nomination Program (OINP)

Ontario Provincial Nomination Program is one of the most well-known Provincial Nomination Programs. There are various streams through which one can apply for the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP). However, in the initial days, Ontario was allowed to only nominate up to 1000 immigrants. In current times, Ontario nominates up to 8000 immigrants every year.

OINP has two pathways.

  • Express Entry process
  • Non-Entry process

Express Entry process-

Through Express Entry, Ontario selects the immigrants on the basis of their CRS points. If the province finds your profile eligible, you will get the nomination. However, required CRS points will get you preference.

Non Express Entry process-

This is entirely controlled and works under Ontario authority. Under this process there are three streams.

  • Master’s and PhD stream: – under this stream only students who are graduate from Ontario based institution will get the nomination.
  • Employer job offer stream: – in this stream person having the job offer will get the nomination only. There are few sub categories under this:-
  • Foreign worker system
  • International systems
  • In demand skill stream
  • Business category: – this category is same as all the other business streams: you must be beneficial for the province economically. Under this category, one can have business start-up idea, or investing in any Ontario based business. after, that one can qualify for the nomination.

For more information you can contact Canada immigration consultants in India. These consultants can help you with decision making and selection of stream and province. Moreover, they will inform you about entire provincial nomination guidelines and rules.

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