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Top 5 Best Premium WordPress Themes For Podcasts

Looking for Best WordPress Themes for podcasts? Are you planning to start your podcast website? Then you have come across the right article. But before we look into the best WordPress themes for podcasts, let’s first see what podcasts are. 

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is a digital program or broadcast that can be listened to or watched over the internet anytime and from anywhere. It is more like a digital version of a radio except the audience doesn’t have to tune in according to the schedules but can listen anytime.

Podcasts have become a trending topic these days as you can create a podcast on any topic be it fiction, non-fiction, narrative or storytelling, etc. A podcast is focused on a particular theme or topic. It is mostly a talk radio show on demand. The most successful podcasts are the ones that have taken a subject and talked about it to its depth. Podcasters have the freedom to create long episodes, unlike shows which contain time constraints. 

The one huge difference between a podcast and a radio show is, listeners can decide what topic they want to listen to. On the other hand, radio listeners don’t have that freedom. 

How Can I Listen To Podcasts?

Podcasts are of two types; audio and video With an audio podcast, you don’t have to worry about sitting in one place and listening. You can do so while doing your work. For example, cooking, gardening, doing the laundry, dog walking, etc. 

As for the video podcasts, you’ll have to sit down and watch because of the visuals. 

Since podcasts are streamed and uploaded over the internet you can consume them on your computers, smartphones, or any device with an internet connection. 

Can I Create A Podcast?

Of Course, you can! With the Premium WordPress Themes for podcasts that we are going to discuss in a while, you can create and publish your podcast easily. All you have to do is; choose a topic of your choice, identify the target audience, record your podcast, and upload it to your website!

Let’s look at the best WordPress themes for podcasts.

Best WordPress Themes For Podcasts.

  1. Audio Podcast WordPress Theme:

Audio Podcast WordPress Theme is crafted especially for podcasters, music bands, audio, and any other kind of audio streaming purpose. This theme brings you an impressive and modern homepage that puts your content in the front and makes it the center of attraction for your visitors. It offers you 100+ fonts and color options to give your website the desired look. 

Since this is an audio podcast and your audience is going to listen to it from whatever device they are comfortable with, the developers have given it a responsive and mobile-friendly design.

It supports multiple media formats and has the necessary tools to get it started. Audio Podcast WordPress Theme is translation ready. It also supports WPML and RTL languages which makes your website ready for international audiences. 

This is a premium WordPress theme can that can be bought for $40.00 and comes with support and updates free for a year.

Premium features of this theme are;

  • Fully Responsive
  • Live Customiser
  • Translation Ready
  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • SEO Optimized
  • Global Color Option
  • Pagination Option
  1. Video Podcast WordPress Theme:

To get regular viewers and visitors, you need a place where they can find all your content. This is where a website comes in for help. With this Video Podcast WordPress Theme, you can create an effective and impressive video podcast website. It is one of the best WordPress themes for podcasts. And since this is a WordPress theme, you don’t require a coding or web development background to create a website. 

This theme is responsive and mobile-friendly. This means your website can be accessed through any device. Video Podcast WP theme is also cross-browser compatible. Meaning, it can be accessed through any web browser be it Safari or Google. With this theme, you get an impressive website that impresses everyone. You also get slider settings and since this is a premium theme, you get unlimited slides to display your content. 

With all the necessary tools, this theme helps you create the best website you could think of. Its SEO-optimized codes help you reach a larger audience and boost your podcast. It also helps your website appear among the top results of the search page results. You can get this theme and its full documentation at $40.00. Theme updates and support come free for a year.

The features of this theme are;

  • Responsive layout for all devices
  • SEO friendly
  • Custom page templates
  • Background Image option
  • Customizable home page
  • Video Section
  • Blog Section

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  1. Music Band WordPress Theme:

Music Band WordPress Theme is also considered one of the WordPress themes for podcasts. This theme can be used for bands’ websites, artist websites, beat producers, and label websites as well as for podcasts. 

You can upload your podcasts and display your episodes on the homepage with the unlimited sliders you get with this premium theme. This theme offers you all the important and necessary tools to help you create an impressive website. Furthermore, you can also customize your website the way you want with the Live Customizer and 100+ font and colors option. This theme is responsive to the core and lets your website be accessible through any device. It is also cross-browser compatible. This means your audience can access your website via any web browser. Since this is a premium theme you get premium features like;

  • Record Section
  • Custom Widgets
  • Advanced Theme options
  • Call to action buttons
  • Homepage sections
  • Excellent Core Web Vitals
  • Contact page template

This theme also has a social media integration option. You can add your social media handles to promote your podcast. The SEO-optimized codes of this theme help your website in reaching a larger audience and boosts your reach. 

You can get this premium theme for $40.00. Theme support and updates are free for a year.

  1. Recording Studio WordPress Theme

Recording Studio WordPress Theme also comes under the category of WordPress Themes for podcasts. This is because you can use this theme to create a website for streaming audio as well as video podcasts. 

This theme can be used by YouTubers, Vloggers, Podcasters, or anyone wanting to create a website for streaming music videos or video podcasts. It is a great choice of the theme if you are planning to start a podcast. This theme comes with different layout styles and allows you to show your key content. You can also show your promotional content on the sidebars. With the Live Customizer and 100+ fonts and color options, you can customize your website however you like. 

This theme is user-friendly and responsive to its core. This means your visitors would be able to visit your website through any web browser and device. The responsiveness of this theme makes your website fit perfectly into the user’s screen size. The SEO-optimized codes of this theme help your website reach a larger audience and

Since this is a premium theme, the advanced features you get with it are;

  • Pagination options
  • Responsive Layout for all devices
  • Custom Page Templates
  • Section Reordering
  • Social Media Integration
  • Testimonial Section
  • Brand Section

You can get this premium theme and its advanced features at $40.00. You will also get theme support and updates free for a year. 

  1. Radio WordPress Theme:

Even if its name has a “Radio” in it, this comes under WordPress themes for podcasts. This is an ideal choice for businesses like audio, DJ, music, podcasts, multimedia, etc. This theme has unique features such as a one-click demo importer, favicon, logo, title, tagline customization, and many other SEO features. This will help the website gain more traffic and rank among the top results in search engines. 

Radio WordPress Theme comes with a responsive design that helps your website be accessed through any device and fits perfectly on any screen size. Furthermore, this theme is also cross-browser compatible. This means, your visitors can access your website through any web browser or search engine. This theme is also optimized with SERPs and visibility to web crawlers. Since this is a premium theme, it comes with one year of free support and updates. You can also add your social media handles to your website with the social media integration feature. The SEO-friendly codes within this theme help your website reach a larger crowd and boosts your podcast along with your online presence. You can customize your website with the Live Customizer and 100+ fonts and color options. 

Premium features that come with this theme are;

  • Fully Responsive
  • Translation Ready
  • SEO optimized
  • Simple Menu Option
  • Pagination option
  • Custom Page Templates
  • Parallax-image Background Section

You can get this premium theme for $40.00 along with its full documentation.


Starting a podcast is a great idea as it is a trending thing these days. But choosing the right theme might sound difficult as there are tons of WordPress themes for podcasts available. But we hope you found the right theme for your podcast in the list above. 

You can also check the WordPress Theme Bundle which offers all premium themes in a bundle at just $99.00. This might be a great offer for people planning to create multiple websites.  


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