Types of Balloons Will Make Your Party More Brighter?

If you’re throwing an event, there’s one item of decoration that you cannot overlook balloons! They will add a splash of color to your party and add to the overall look of your event, making all the elements work. Decoration with balloons is inexpensive and, if you’re planning to have kids, it will be fun for them to have an activity to do. What types of balloons are you able to incorporate into your celebration? Today we will provide you with information on precisely this.

Latex balloons

Within the realm of balloons, latex balloons are among the most popular. They are seen at every event and almost at each wedding that you are a part of. They are decorated with various shapes and contain various shades. One interesting aspect of latex is that it’s biodegradable, making latex balloons eco-sustainable.

• Affordable cost: Compared to foil balloons and foil balloons, latex balloons are less expensive, and you can purchase many more latex balloons than foil counterparts for the same amount;

  • Air and Helium compatibility;
  • Plus a large size range (from five to 36 inches);
  • And user-friendliness and ease of use: you can fill latex balloons manually or with the balloon pump
  • + environmentally-friendly: latex is a 100% biodegradable material;
  • A wide variety of colors.
  • The natural latex rubber expands when you fill the balloon with air.

They deflate and shrink in size faster. Professional decorators recommend using them for only occasions lasting a single or two days.

Foil balloons

On the other hand, Foil balloons have risen in popularity and are now comparable to their latex counterparts. Initially, balloons had to be sealed by heating; however, a self-sealed valve was later added to make it easy to set up and blow up. Go to the nearest wholesale foil balloon retailer and purchase these balloons with different sizes, shapes, colors, and styles.

  • + Strong and durable properties due to the processing of metal;
  • + reusability;
  • Plus a large size range (from up to);
  • • Suitable for making balloons;
  • A versatile and flexible design, as well as many balloon shapes;
  • A mirror-like surface is why they are popular with professional photographers and artists.
  • – They retain the original shape and size even when they are inflated.
  • It is a costly solution.

Letter balloons

They could be foil or latex. Most likely, they’ll have foil balloons. If you’re planning an event for a birthday or would like to put the name of your business using foil balloons wholesale, a wholesale shop will provide you with the numbers, letters, and color combinations you’ll need to brighten up your event. You can also purchase balloons on the internet and get them delivered to your residence if easier.

  • + Last as long as 5 days
  • and is suitable for the assembly of an ode to congratulation
  • And a very festive appearance;
  • A simple method of making a quick and easy decoration.
  • A rather expensive solution;
  • Unsustainable for the environment.

Cloud-buster balloons

Are you considering having a big impact at your next event? This is the right balloon to pick. Cloud-buster balloons are created from chloroprene, an exclusive material designed to resist harmful UV radiation. This unique material aids the balloons to ward off the harm caused by sunlight, making them suitable for open-air spaces, car dealerships, and other companies that intend to keep the balloons going for some time. Similar to different balloons, cloud-busters are available in a range of shapes, sizes, and colors. They can be purchased in a wholesale shop for foil balloons.

  • + Long floating time (from 5 – 21 days based upon the dimension);
  • If filled with helium can lift to 7 kg
  • and an almost perfect spherical design;
  • and a mix of synthetic and natural latex that gives the best wear for outdoor usage.
  • – Non-customizable.

LED balloons

These are several types of balloons made of latex with a light source inside (or the light system outside the balloon). This is unique! The moment you are ready, you can switch on the LED, and the balloon begins to glow, illuminating all around, including your garland, arch, or column. There are a variety of LED balloons that are single and multi-color with different lighting settings.

  • + Long-lasting decoration solution;
  • It is also appropriate for use in different kinds of decorations;
  • Plus high brightness and large dimensions of the products;
  • Air + Helium Compatibility;
  • and the variety of backlights that LEDs can provide;
  • No need for specific inflation tools.
  • It is a rather costly option;
  • The duration of the operation is based on the conditioned battery.

The most well-known balloon shapes to use for any event

People pick the types of balloons based on the theme and idea of the party. The balloon shapes listed below are the most commonly used at events:

  • sphere;
  • heart;
  • Star and crescent;
  • diamond;
  • Popular cartoon characters;
  • Letters and numbers.

What types of balloons can you select for your event?

  • Birthday celebration: actually, all types of balloons are ideal for decorating for such occasions. However, latex balloons and numeral balloons or letters are the most appropriate. Sometimes, foil balloons make visually appealing accents for the party.
  • Birthday party for children: these events often employ ordinary but extremely colorful latex balloons, toy balloons, numbers, and balloons that spell letters, as well as balloons that twist (we refer to the images that designers design out of the balloons).
  • Weddings: most often, newlyweds use latex balloons in fashionable “wedding” colors. There are many ways to decorate your ordinary wedding balloons with latex. They may not be what you expect to see them; for instance, different balloons can be painted with a brush or wrapped with tulle. Foil balloons also are popular at weddings.
  • Evening and night-time celebrations: of course, led balloons are the best option for night-time parties. They not only look stunning in darkness, but they also can light up your venue with dim lighting!
  • Store openings large gatherings are also events. If you’d like everyone to be aware of the occasion, it’s a good idea to make massive cloud-busting balloons (especially with display pennants to accompany those balloons). 

Balloons are part of any celebration because of the joy and colour they add to the celebration. You can blend and pair your balloons or make them conform to the theme colors of your event to ensure everything is in harmony and the same. Add some balloons to the air to let kids spend all-day fun, or create a memorable impression that guests will be able to remember for years with cloud-busting balloons. If you decide to use balloons, don’t forget to include balloons during your celebrations. 


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