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Using Air Freight Services – What You Need to Know

Airfreight is any commercial property to be transported or carried by airplane. It takes the form of air freight or air cargo or both, as the case may be. Airfreight includes regular air freight service and air express, as well as freight shipping, courier services, and others. There are several modes used for the transportation of freight by air including cargo airlines, sea freight, rail, and trucking. Many other modes like freight broker, road haulage, train service, etc.

Transportation by air freight

Transportation by air freight is the fastest way of sending or transferring goods from one place to another. In addition to this, it is also the cheapest means of transporting goods. The reason for this is that the cost incurred in sending the freight through the air is almost nil when compared with the cost incurred in sending the same goods by land transport. Air freight is also faster as well as less costly. For instance, a freight shipment that takes three days by land transport will take just two days through air freight.

air freight

The mode of transportation

The mode of transportation selected for sending the goods should be analyzed properly to ensure the safety of the goods. A shipment can get delayed or misdirected anytime and anywhere across the globe and it would become a loss for the company if the goods are not delivered at the right place and time. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose the air freight options carefully to avoid such situations. Some of the common air freight options are discussed below:

Cold Chain Shipping

This is a model of air freight which involves the continuous movement of perishable goods in a chain and ensures that the right quantity of supply is provided to the customer. For example, a single container transporting perishable goods could be in direct contact with one another for an entire time and the chain could even end up being a closed one. This is why this is often referred to as a ‘perfect’ supply chain. The cold chain method is perfect for perishable goods and medical supplies which require frequent relocations.

Air Freight Rates

As air freight can be a complex affair, it is essential to analyze air freight rates before a shipment is entered into. These rates are usually affected by various factors like urgency, day of the week, and time of the month. It is also possible for a company to enter into contracts with cargo forwarding services. These services help in determining the rates for air freight and also provide a fair idea about the freight requirements for particular months of the year. It is a good practice to keep a running tab on the rates at other places since it would help companies determine their shipments-and therefore, their revenues-more efficiently.

Customs Clearance of Vehicles

It is mandatory for all vehicles, which are going to enter or exit the country. To have all the required documentation with them at all times and these documents include all the necessary certificates and other permits. A number of regulations govern the movement of personal cars on the day of departure and arrival into the country. And these regulations can easily get flout if one is not aware of the rules. Therefore, it is advised to keep a constant eye on all the local rules on the movement of personal items and other commodities. Any mistake in this area can cost a company lots of money and even lead to the closure of its operations.

air freight

Types of Garages

There are two types of garages that can be use when using freight services. The first type of garage that can be use is the non-perishable type. This type of garage needs to have refrigeration and freezer space. As well as an electrical outlet and air conditioning facility. These types of garages are usually rent out from providers and can be found in a number of locations. However, if the transportation is a one-time occurrence. And there is no possibility of using the same service in the future. Then a non-perishable type of garage would be more suitable.

The second type of garage that can be use when using freight is the perishables-only garage. This is mostly use when there are chemicals or hazardous goods in the shipment. This type of garage is completely close and cannot be open while the shipment is transporting. Although this is the fastest way to best-specialized trucking goods, it also has the highest chance of error, with the products sometimes getting damaged or becoming infected during transit.

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