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What Are The Benefits Of Diesel Fuel Delivery Service In Tier 1 Cities?

India- a developing nation, is on the fast track to becoming one of the most powerful nations in the world. In being so, India also becomes a land full of opportunities for the enterprising to grow and flourish.

Like in all developing nations, infrastructural and real estate developments first take place in their Tier-1 cities.These cities, more commonly known as the metropolitans of India, are the most advanced in terms of technology implementation and adaptation as well.

After these cities are sufficiently developed with all the infrastructural necessities like hospitals, schools, universities and other facilities, the focus shifts to developing the areas around them and the Tier-2 cities

There are eight metropolitan cities in India, namely, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Pune. They are followed by nearly 104 tier 2 cities. The cities are thus classified based on the density of the population residing in them. Where Tier-1 cities are the most densely populated, Tier-2 have a relatively lesser population living in them. They are, of course, followed by Tier-3 cities and so on, which have even lesser populations.

These currently developing cities are where the opportunities stem from as well! Let’s take the scope of India’s Energy Sector as the case study of today’s discussion.


Circa 2018-2019, the Government of India passed an amendment to the petroleum regulations, making it legal to deliver diesel to individual customers and custom locations.

This change opened up a whole new window of opportunities for aspiring and enterprising individuals to set up lucrative businesses in the diesel fuel delivery service realm and thus become FuelEnts (Fuel Entrepreneurs). To encourage these FuelEnts, the Government has even established easy processes and grants for them to start their business efficiently with relatively low investments.

Now, coming back to the original discussion…

Due to the large-scale real-estate development in the Tier-1 cities, there is an enormous market demand for doorstep delivery of fuel.

However, the demand for diesel fuel delivery service isn’t isolated to the construction sites and industries where large-scale manufacturing takes place; the demand for this online fuel delivery service arises from the residential societies and farm-house or large bungalow owners. Of course, in varying quantities, that is.

The construction sites require diesel to be delivered in large quantities like 9,000lts and more; the residential societies or individual consumers may only require 20lts of diesel to ensure the smooth running of their gen sets.

Now you may wonder how these needs that have existed since the industrial revolution were catered to before 2018 – 2019, given that the doorstep delivery of fuel was unavailable to customers back then. The answer is that the customers were forced to go to the petrol pumps and get their required diesel filled in tanks or cans (depending on the quantities they required). Then they had to transport it back to the location/site where the fuel is required and then dispense it whilst trying to avoid spillage or contamination during the entire arduous process.

However, with the convenience adding and life-enhancing diesel fuel delivery service becoming available in India, consumers can now order diesel online without worrying about safety, pilferage, or contamination.


At nominal delivery changes, Delhi based start-up Humsafar delivers diesel in varying quantities all over the country! Humsafar comes backed by 75 years of industry experience and, through its impeccable services, addresses all the pain points that customers have experienced over the decades; whilst bringing unparalleled technological advancements and innovation to the Energy Sector.

Humsafar delivers diesel throughout India, especially in Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities, where the demand is the highest; via two means:

  1. Bowsers- Humsafar fabricates state of the art PESO-approved browsers that can carry large quantities of diesel in them. These bowsers come fitted with geofencing technologies that regulate the safe dispensing of fuel that too only at the pre-set location. The bowsers come equipped with safety equipment that helps cordon off the delivery area.
  2. Jerry Can- due to the financial infeasibility of delivering diesel in small quantities in bowsers; Humsafar started the Safar20 program that delivers diesel in quantities as low as 20lts, 40lts and 60lts, in PESO approved Jerry Cans. With a seven-wire seal that is locked with a unique number, these cans ensure that the diesel is delivered with zero pilferage or contamination.

Humsafar leads with innovation, owing to which they enable their customers to order diesel online with their mobile-friendly app- Fuel Humsafar. That allows the consumer to schedule deliveries, track orders, and even has an automated billing function, amongst other features.

The online fuel delivery service has many additional benefits, apart from being safe and pilferage-free- the zero human contact ensures that the diesel is free from any contamination. As a bonus benefit, thanks to this service also helps decrease the traffic on roads caused by people trying to get their diesel for refueling purposes!

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