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What is Network Operation Center NOC?

NOC Stand for network operation centre it is a central location where IT technicians support directly from remote monitoring and management (RMM) software.

Widely used in the IT services space managed by NOC teams and service providers with heavy driver for multiple managed service providers (MSPs).

NOC is a sacred place with huge screens on the walls and multiple screens on the table. It can say the heart of the entire mobile network, by running 24/7/365 and thinking about what is going on to manage services and resolve issues.

Roles and responsibilities of a NOC Technician

  • NOC technicians or engineers are responsible for monitoring the health, safety and efficiency of facilities in the client’s area.
  • They make decisions and adjustments to ensure perfect network performance and order production.
  • NOC technicians may issue signatures (or “tickets”) to identify and resolve the issue in terms of severity, type of alarm, and other measures.
  • Based on the relationship between NOC and MSP, expert teams can work together to solve a problem.

Scholars are categorized according to their “level”, which indicates the complexity of the issues they discuss. Level rated with 1 (easy-to-fix problems, small problems) and by increasing their expertise in the most complex IT numbers.

Additional Capabilities NOC Include:

  1. Software installation, updating
  2. Troubleshooting the application software
  3. EMS(Email Management Services)
  4. Backup and storage
  5. Scanning with Antivirus
  6. Policy enforcement
  7. Performance reporting and improvement recommendations
  8. Voice and video traffic management
  9. Shared threat analysis
  10. Network discovery and assessments
  11. Firewall and intrusion prevention system (IPS) monitoring and management.

Outsourcing vs. In-House

The cost of security personnel and building a NOC, SOC or indoor support group is often too high to grow a profitable business.

Even with full staff but it does not change the peak level and simultaneously reduces the need for daily IT preparation tasks.

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NOC vs. Help Desk

Although there are many things in the network operating area. But there is one thing that is not so serious the help desk. This is a big difference and can confuse employers if not fully explained.

NOC provides monitoring, troubleshooting and support for MSPs to respond to events and ensure timely customer performance.

They have problems with other words. If the customer has a problem, they can call the Help Center. If the MSP has a problem, they will contact the NOC.

Network Operation Center vs. Security Operations Center

Although both look the same, the goals of the Network Operations Center and the Security Operations Center are significantly different is also known as SOC.

The NOC and SOC have common criteria: Cooperation with BPA on IT and not end-user issues.

However, when NOCs are focused on remote monitoring and maintenance, protecting the user’s IT technology with the SLA and ensuring that the user is accessible without any technical glitches.

The SOC gets much more security than the SOCs. Attack vector and threats in the customer network and get ready to detect anomalies and mitigate cyberattacks.

Most SOCs use the Incident Management and Security Information (SIEM) process, which collects data from various data streams.

Systems that focus on security from everything from network detection systems to vulnerability assessments.

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