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Wonders of Chadar Trek

chadar trek is a well known trek in Leh district of ladakh. The trek stretches up to 62km and reaches the maximum altitude of 11123ft from the sea level. Chadar is the most chosen trek in Ladakh due to the wonderful experience the trek gives.

Trekking on the ice:  Yes, you are reading it right. This trek does not involve climbing on steep mountain terrain or penetrating deep dense forests. It involves walking on frozen ice sheets of Zanskar river. During the month of January & february the top layer of river freezes and this the best time to visit Chadar. Initially walking on chadar will seem to be  big task since you will slip on ice which has a low friction as compared to other land surfaces. But gradually you will learn. Use the stick to learn about the firmness of the ice. Listen the advice of trek leader about walking on the ice.

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Freezing temperature: The temperature during the trip is very harsh and cold. You should be physically and mentally fit, highly tolerant to low temperatures before you choose to go for the trip. The temperature lies between -15 degree celsius to -20 degree celsius during the daytime, and -25 degree celsius to -35 degree celsius during the night. The trek is quite difficult if you talk in terms of temperature. Due to increased cases of mountain sickness the government in Leh made it compulsory for everyone going for Frozen river trek to stay in Leh for at least three days. Then they had to give a medical test and if according to the test you are declared fit then only you can head for the trek. Try wearing multiple layers of warm cloth and avoid going to higher altitudes.

Confluence: The trek has many wonders.The confluence of two rivers is one of them. During the trek you will come across Nimmu river which marks the confluence of Indus river and Zanskar river. The greenish Indus river originates from the Tibetan plateau near the mansarovar range and the bluish Zanskar river comes from Zanskar valley. Due to the difference in the colour, the two can be distinguished vividly. The sight is a lifeline for all trekkers who await for this dream destination to come. One can wait for sometime over there because it’s the view we don’t get to see everyday. The beauty nature offers in the adverse life supporting area.

Frozen waterfall: Have you ever imagined that you have travelled time and reached an ice age? Being here and seeing the view of a frozen waterfall for real is that dream coming true. You will come across many frozen waterfalls during the trek but the most vivid and stunning will be the one in Nerak which will be the point from where you will return back. The best time to view the waterfall is during the months of January and February when the temperature reaches its minimum.

Chadar is the most attractive and difficult trek of Ladakh. It attracts thousands of people each year. Though the trek has a wonderful view, it challenges you to survive in low temperature and high altitude. The trek has very little habitat. You can find a few places at distance from the frozen Zanskar. But these challenges are attacks of lakhs. Just be careful and conscious during the trek. You will be good.



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