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5 Fantastic Storage Bench Ideas with Slide and Hide Cover Keeper

Lack of storage space is one of the most common problems anyone with a small spaced home faces. Therefore, it becomes inevitable to think twice before adding extra furniture pieces. Unfortunately, everyone can’t shift to a new home just for a bigger space. The only feasible option is to use multipurpose furniture pieces such as a retractable storage bench

We all struggle to find storage space in our house. In times like that, a storage bench is the perfect home furniture. You can use a storage bench that will provide you with storage space to place items on top of it and serve as a stylish home decor item. Moreover, the convenient storage bench can also be used as an accessory for the dining tables, kid’s rooms, bedroom furniture, and whatnot! However, if you are still confused about using a storage bench for your small spaced house.

Check out these DIY storage bench ideas that can bring new life to your house.

1- Window Bench Seat 

A storage bench idea is for the people who live on the top floor of the buildings. You can equip a stylish decorative storage bench seat by the side of your apartment’s windows. You can customize the bench according to your needs. For example, you can decorate the bench with colorful beddings and place matching pillows or stuffed toys to make it look more attractive. Moreover, you can customize the storage bench by installing drawers on the bottom of the benches to build more storage space for storing beddings and other items. 

2- Storage Bench For Entry 

Another great idea for using a storage bench is using them in the entry of the home. There are various types of storage benches that can be customized according to the customer’s needs. For example, you can get a bench with storage space in it. You can use these kinds of storage benches to build a vintage home entry. You can utilize these storage benches by placing items like flower pots underneath. Likewise, you can also use benches to create space for organizing footwear and extra flip flops for family members or guests. 

3- Storage Bench For Bedroom 

The next DIY bench idea for saving space is using the benches at the end of the bed. The retractable storage rack in the bedroom is used as an accessory for organizing items and serves as an eye-catching decor accessory. Therefore, it is essential to look for a bench that matches your bedroom’s style and color. Additionally, you can also get a bench with the same color as your bed to make it look like built-in furniture with the bed. Furthermore, adding drawers to benches can help in increasing storage for placing items.

4- Bench for Storing Books 

If you are also a Bibliophile and love to add more and more books to your collection, the bench idea is perfect for you. Get yourself a customized storage bench with underneath space for organizing your book collection. Additionally, you should ensure that the bench storage space is large enough to accommodate your comforter and beddings alike.

5- Storage Benches For Small Spaces Around The House 

There are plenty of small spaces in the house that remain underutilized. You can use the multipurpose blanket storage bench in small spaces around the house. For example, you can place decorative items like small plants on top of the benches and store everyday use accessories like baskets or beddings under the bench. In this way, you can utilize storage benches for every small corner to save storage space, organize items, and decorate your house.

Final Thoughts 

The struggle of lack of storage space for placing household items is common among people with small space houses. The blanket storage bench serves as the perfect accessory for such people. It can easily be customized according to your needs and serves as the perfect home decor accessory that gives your house a stylish and elegant look. By implementing the storage bench ideas mentioned on the blog, you can create plenty of storage space for organizing various household items.

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