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Buran Ghati Trekking Vs Gaumukh Tapovan Trekking

Trekkers are passionate about trekking. They are find new destination every time. These are best for them.

Buran Ghati –

How to reach :

If you are looking how to reach Buran Ghati by;

Air – You have to get over at the Jubbarhatti Airport which lies 22 km away from Shimla or you can choose to get down at Delhi Airport or the Chandigarh Airport.

Train – You have to get down at the Kalka Railway Station and take the toy train or a cab towards Buran Ghati.


Things to carry :

You must carry these items with you on your trek –

  1. Wear trekking g shoes and pack two more pairs of socks with you.
  2. You need to pack three to four warm clothes and three to four pairs of trousers and a pair of flip flops.
  3. Make sure to carry a torch, a charger (portable), batteries, a flexible trekking stick and an umbrella.
  4. Carry 1-litre water bottles and a thermos flask.
  5. Make sure to check up on your doctor and carry the necessary medications with you.


Best time to visit :

Summers especially from May to June is the time for colourful flowers blooming in the region. Whereas the snow begins to melt from the end of June and in August the regions seem to bloom in their full volume. But in October there is no trace of snow for most of the year. 


Level of difficulty :

Buran Ghati is a semi-difficult trekking spot and can trail you towards different trekking points that are challenging. The Buran Ghati is situated at a height of 15000 feet and is not much of an applicable trekking zone for people with fatal health issues. 


Reasons to do :

At Buran Ghati you will be amazed by the round attraction from one point. You can descend the snow-covered walls, the lush green meadows are a sight to behold. You can perform five snow slides on this trek. The streams and the forests provide a bewitching aura to all.


Places to visit :

There are so many places to visit at Burab Ghat –

  1. Dayara Thatch
  2. Litham
  3. Chandranahan Lake
  4. Nalabash
  5. Munirang
  6. Brua Village


About the locals :

You need to converse with the locals and they will tell you about the beauty of the Indian folktales and the mythological significance that exists in Buran Ghati. They are graceful and mirth loving people of the area. They are religious and innocent people of the region.


Some facts :

The picturesque view of the heavenly bodies at night is sure to bless your eyes with glee. It is filled with lush green forests and filled with rare species of flora and fauna. 


Gaumukh Tapovan Trek –

How to reach :
By train – You have to get down at the Dehradun Station and from Dehradun station, you have
to hire a cab to reach the Godavari and then the Gaumukh Tapovan.
By air – You have to reach the Jolly Grant Airport then from the Jolly Grant Airport you can reach
the Godavari by cab which lies 240 Km away from the airport.
By road – To reach Tapovan take the route towards the Godavari from Uttarkashi by bus or a

Things to carry :

Make sure to take these things with you on your trek –
1. Three to four pairs of waterproof trousers and along with that take four warm clothes.
2. Your torch, batteries, portable charger for your cell phone, two 1-litre water bottles, three
pairs of socks and a flexible trekking stick.
3. You must carry dry snacks for your trekking journey; like nuts, biscuits, chocolates to
provide you with enough energy on your journey.
4. Make sure to see a doctor and call the prescribed medications on your trek.
5. Wear trekking shoes and carry flip flops with you.

Best time to visit :

You can start your trek from May to October. These are the best times to enjoy the mountain
beauty while trekking.
Summers and Autumn are the best seasons to trek in Gaumukh Tapovan Trek. In the summer,
you will be getting snow on your way.

Level of difficulty :

It can be a difficult trek for some if you are suffering from breathing problems then you must
either see a doctor or avoid trekking at Gaumukh Tapovan. More you trek at the higher altitudes
you will be facing breathing troubles. Otherwise, it is much safer for trekkers to trek as it is more
of a pilgrim centre.

Reasons to do :

Trekking at Tapovan can be a divine journey as well. Trekking at the Shivling peak, the
Bhagirathi peak, and visiting the Nandanvan are sure to bewitch your eyes at a go.

Places to visit :

There are so many places to visit at Gaumukh Tapovan –
1. The Gaumukh Glacier

2. Mt. Shivling and the seven sisters of Bhagirathi
3. Chirabasa
4. Kaacha Dhaang
5. The Tapovan
6. The Gangotri Dham

About the locals :

Most of the locals here are innocent and mirth-loving people. Many caves, cottages in the
Tapovan at Gaumukh Tapovan are a residence for the Sadhus and other holy people.
Some facts :

Trekking at Gaumukh Tapovan is now one of the most favourable spots for many trekkers
though side by side it is a holy site. The grasslands of Tapovan are sure to ease your soul in

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