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Spectacular Key Features Of The Fritz Repeater 3000 Network Device

The Fritz repeater 3000 is a solution for weak and interrupted wi-fi networks. It extends the wi-fi network with the 802.11ac Network standards. This wifi repeater works with mesh wi-fi that delivers faster speed and higher network capacity. The wireless network of the fritz repeater is unbelievable, it extends the network coverage. You can easily access the fritz repeater with a single username and password. The fritz repeater 3000 Network device comes with the default username and password, these details are usually helpful to access the fritz wifi repeater. It is compatible with all common wireless wifi routers. This wifi repeater optimized two networking LAN ports that provided the facility to make the ethernet cable connection.

You can instantly change all settings of the fritz repeater 3000. But for this, you just log in to the account. To log in to the account you can need a default ip or web address. Then you can use the manual, in this manual you get all the information related to the fritz repeater. The official web address of this repeater is http://fritz.repeater. Then use web interference and type this web address. Afterwards, make all the changes.

Spectacular Features of the Fritz Repeater 3000 Network device

The Fritz repeater is an ordinary solution for all wifi router weak signals. By using the repeater the weak signal of your wireless router is automatically burnished or eliminated. It supports internet protocol IPv6 and delivers blazing network transmission. This repeater comes with Package content like a power adapter, Fritz!repeater 3000, network cable, and quick installation guide.

Fritz repeater 3000 works mesh wifi repeater

The Fritz 3000 wifi repeater uses mesh wifi network technology. This technology smoothly delivers the wifi network connectivity throughout your home. You can have more fun with the fritz repeater. The wireless network coverage is automatically increased. The mesh network technology is ideal for better performance. You can do online work, your wife checks emails, and your children play buffer-free gaming consoles with your friends. The Fritz repeater 3000 networking device optimizes three wireless radios. You can quickly connect the wifi router with a single ethernet or network cable.

Optimize three wireless radio

The Fritz repeater 3000 wifi network device delivers an unbelievable network because it optimizes three wireless radios. Many repeaters have only two wireless radios but this repeater uses three wireless radios. It delivers a combined network speed of 300 Mbps. The Fritz repeater 3000 delivers 1,733 Mbit/s, the 5 GHz radiofrequency provides the speed of 866 Mbit/s and the 2.4 GHz radiofrequency provides the speed of up to 400 Mbit/s. It supports every wired or wireless networking device.

Simple and secure configuration at the touch of the WPS button

The configuration of the fritz!repeater 3000 is simple for a simple touch WPS button. This button is located on the front panel of this repeater. But with the WPS button setup, you can verify your wifi router has a built-in WPS button. If the WPS button is not built-in then you can use an ethernet cable. And then make the wired connection to the Fritz repeater 3000 networking device. Then, open the web interference in your network-connected laptop/PC. Then using the default ip address and the login window pops up. You can log in to the account with admin. Then follow provided screen instructions and then your fritz repeater is configured.

2 x Ethernet gigabit ports of Fritz Repeater 3000 networking device

The key feature of the Fritz repeater is 2× Gigabit ports. This port is absolutely useful to make the ethernet cable connection. If you have wired devices such as gaming consoles, desktops, smart TV, printer, and other wired devices. Then you can take the provided Ethernet cable and attach it to the repeater and your networking device LANs ports. After that, the power of the repeater is up now.

Power ON/OFF, WPS, and Power button

The fritz repeater 300 networking device has three buttons. This button is actually helpful to operate the repeater. If you want to fully enjoy the wi-fi network then you can power up a repeater. For this, you can also use the power ON/OFF button. This button is located on the rare panel of the repeater. If the repeater is not operating and answering then you can do a fritz 3000 reset. This is the best option to perform the reset. The WPS button is also helpful to make all changes.

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