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How does Akashi Mudra do it? | Benefits of Akashi Mudra

Akashi Mudra

Before starting the practice of Akashi Mudra, the practitioner should acquire proficiency in Ujjayi, Khechari, and Shambhavi mudras. Because these three currencies are used in this Mudra. Like Bhuchari mudra, Akashi mudra is also performed to attain the state of Dharana.

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Method of doing Akashi Mudra–

  • First of all, sit comfortably in any posture of meditation like Sukhasana, Padmasana, or Vajrasana.
  • Close your eyes and take deep breaths and relax the whole body.
  • Now in Khechari Mudra, bend the tongue backward and touch it with the palate.
  • Practice Shambhavi Mudra and Ujjayi Pranayama together.
  • With this, tilt the head backward at an angle of about 45 degrees.
  • Now straighten the arms and press the knees with the hands.
  • Take slow and deep Ujjayi breaths.
  • Keep doing this exercise as long as you can comfortably.
  • First of all, bend the elbows and finish the practice of Shambhavi Mudra and Khechari Mudra.
  • Then stop the practice of Ujjayi and straighten the head.
  • Breathe normally for a few moments. It was a cycle.
  • Before completing the next chakra, become aware of the Antarakash.

Duration of doing mudra –

Practice this mudra from 1 to 3 chakras in the beginning. As you become proficient in practice. Increase this to 5 cycles. Gradually increasing the length of time in this mudra, in the final state, stay for as long as you can.

Reflexes in Akashi Mudra –

While doing this mudra, your reflexes should be on the Agya chakra.

Precautions –

If you feel dizzy while doing this mudra, then immediately stop its practice. Always practice Akashi Mudra under the guidance of a yoga expert.

Limitations –

If you are going to practice mudra. And you should not practice it if you have the following diseases:
Brain disorder
Dizziness etc.

Benefits –

  • This mudra gives you the benefits of Ujjayi Pranayama, Kumbhak, Khechari Mudra, and Shambhavi Mudra together and by doing this one gets mental peace.
  • Regular practice of Akashi Mudra leads to control over the senses.
  • On attaining proficiency in this mudra, it stops the thought processes and reaches a higher state of consciousness.
  • Regular practice of Akashi mudra activates your Agya chakra and awakens the powers or strengthens the spiritual activities.
  • With regular practice of this mudra, the mental powers become very active.

Disadvantages –

If Akashi Mudra is not done properly, then there can be loss instead of benefit. Which is very important to know about. Akashi Mudra has a direct effect on our brain and eyes. Therefore Akashi Mudra should be practiced carefully and slowly. If forcefully applied, it can cause severe damage to the eyes as well as mental damage. That is why this mudra should be practiced only under the supervision of a qualified yoga teacher.

 Conversion –

You can also practice this mudra with Kumbhaka. The method of performing Akashi Mudra with Kumbhaka is similar to the above method. Just have to make a small change. Inhale while turning the head back, hold the breath inside for as long as possible. Now while straightening the head in the starting position, slowly exhale.

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