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Sahasrara Chakra Awakening Method and Effects

What is Sahasrara-Chakra?

This chakra radiates light like the sun, hence it is called the thousand-petalled lotus, Brahma-Andhra, or the center of the light rays. There is a power found in the Sahasrar Chakra which is known as Medha Shakti. This power affects memory, concentration, and intelligence.

The blooming of the thousand-petalled lotus in the Sahasrara Chakra is a symbol of complete, expansive consciousness. There is no specific color or quality of the Sahasrara Chakra.

So go ahead to know and understand; Proceed to Search You are not the only one looking for; There are many others too. Many people have searched, many people have gained knowledge. Try to know, understand, what has happened to such people and what has not happened; Try and understand all this. But while understanding this, don’t stop trying to understand yourself.

Don’t feel that understanding others has made you self-actualized. believe in your experiences; Don’t believe in superstitions.

Therefore, the search for Advaita, the non-dual, begins with the fifth body. All the quest for the opposite ends with the fourth body. All obstacles are within us, and they are useful because these very obstacles, when turned, become our vehicles for progress.

If we fight anger, we become angry at ourselves – incessantly angry, Our entire personality will soon be filled with anger and every fiber of our body will vibrate with this blocked anger.

So the seeker has to beware of fighting instincts. They should try their best to understand and try to understand. Understanding means to observe, observe and understand with careful awareness what was previously dark and these areas of our life. brought to light.

All existence exists for the purpose of understanding.

Learn from someone, listen to everyone, and finally, understand your inner self.

The mantra of Sahasrara Chakra:-

Om. To awaken this chakra, you have to meditate while chanting the Om mantra. The same mantra with Ajna Chakra also happens in this chakra.

Location of Sahasrara-Chakra:-

The chakra is located in the upper part of our skull. That is, where the frontal, parietal and temporal bones intersect each other.

Method of awakening the Sahasrara-Chakra:-

Sahasrar can be reached only through the base. This chakra is awakened by continuous meditation and one attains the position of Paramhansa.

Effects of Sahasrara-Chakra:-

When a person’s Sahasrara-Chakra is also awakened, then the person reaches the door of salvation. At this place in the body structure, there is a collection of many important electrical and biological electricity. This chakra represents the aim of yoga—self-realization and the realization of God, where the individual’s soul becomes connected with the consciousness of the universe. One becomes free from all his karmas. and attains salvation. In meditation, the yogi reaches Nirvikalpa samadhi (the highest level of samadhi) at the Sahasrara Chakra, where the mind becomes completely still and the knowledge, the knower, and the knowable are merged into one and attain perfection.

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