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Upholstery Cleaning – How To Clean Your fabric sofa?

When Fabric sofa, the main attraction of the living room is full of dirt, what next thing you going to do with it? Moreover, to retain its shine for as long as possible, isn’t it important to maintain it regularly? Discover our tips for upholstery cleaning a fabric sofa and detaching it effectively.

Pre-cleaning the fabric sofa

Regular dusting of your sofa is essential to prevent the accumulation of dirt and maintain good hygiene. Before cleaning your fabric sofa, remember to hunt down dust because, combined with humidity, it can leave unsightly marks on the textile.

Avoid using a cloth that will spread the dust rather than removing it. To remove it effectively, vacuum the entire surface of the sofa using the soft brush of the vacuum cleaner without pressing, so as not to damage the fibers of the textile.

If you have pets, you may need to run an adhesive roller to remove the rest of the hair and lint.

Deep cleaning of a fabric sofa

Once the sofa is clear of all the dust, you can proceed to the big upholstery cleaning step. Once or twice the year, give a try to clean the fabric sofa especially when you have children or pet at home.

Clean a removable fabric sofa

For the sofa with the cover that has removable option is pretty easy to handle. Read the washing instructions on the label very carefully before you start. Synthetic covers are very good in the machine, provided you choose a low-temperature program and a low spin. In order to clean your fabric sofa but also to disinfect it, we recommend that you use Disinfectant Detergent. Its unique formula eliminates the microbes that cause bad odors and irritations of the skin, from 20 ° C.

For stubborn stains, add Laundry Disinfectant Stain Remover to the washing machine tub. It eliminates bacteria, stains and bad odors, for impeccable cleanliness.

If you have any doubts, take your sofa cover to the dry cleaners so as not to damage it.

clean your fabric sofa

Clean a non-removable fabric sofa

If the cover of your sofa is not removable, it will be necessary to wash it by hand. For this, several options are available to you depending on the nature of the textile:

  • Wet cleaning: Usually, this type of technique is used in water resistance fabrics on sofa that has properties to resist the water. Lightly dampen a sponge with a mixture of water, white vinegar and washing up liquid or a mixture of lukewarm water and Marseille soap. Dab and rub gently over the entire surface of the sofa, paying particular attention to the stained areas, to deeply treat the fiber. Rinse with a slightly damp cloth so as not to over-wet the fabric, then allow to air dry;
  • Steam cleaning: This is a very effective method of upholstery cleaning and disinfecting a fabric sofa, other than those have a stuff material like velvet or satin. Namely, steam cleaning allows, without adding detergent, to remove dirt without having to scrub. Run the steam cleaner over the entire surface of the sofa, without too much emphasis so as not to soak the fabric and damage the fibers. At least once try to work on hidden parts of the sofa ensuring the fabric lost all humidity strains.
  • Dry cleaning: This kind of technique is basically applied for the delicate fabrics that cannot withstand water by own. Sprinkle baking soda directly on the sofa, leave to act for several hours, rub gently with a brush before vacuuming the excess.

This will loosen, brighten up color, and deodorize the sofa fabric, but not thoroughly disinfect it. To remedy this problem upholstery cleaning St. Charles offers a Textile Disinfectant Deodorant to be sprayed directly on the fabric.

It will eliminate the microbes responsible for bad odors and restore freshness to your sofa. You can also opt for the non-washable Textile Disinfectant, which will get rid of bacteria, fungi, present in textile fibers.

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