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Yoga for Weight loss after Delivery

After delivery of women, the weight starts increasing and the stomach starts coming out. Pregnancy is a phase in which the body goes through many physical changes. Getting back into shape after a C-section delivery can be more challenging than a normal delivery, as it takes time for a C-section wound to heal. Yoga asanas are one of the most effective ways to get back in shape after C-section delivery. Apart from this, yoga helps in improving the health of new mothers and reduces the complications of pregnancy. Yoga also helps in speeding up recovery after delivery, relieving postpartum complications and pain, and promoting weight loss in a healthy way.

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Can You Yoga for Weight loss after Delivery
Although there is no restriction on exercising after having C-section surgery, it should be noted that you take adequate rest till you are fully recovered and you can start doing yoga after C-section delivery, but after C-section After that, when you can do yoga will depend on your recovery. A C-section is a major operation that involves blood loss, cuts in the muscles, and stitches them back. Women can do yoga asanas after C-section delivery after the abdominal stitches and wounds have healed.

Vrikshasana Yoga to reduce belly after delivery –
Vrikshasana yoga or tree pose helps women to reduce belly after cesarean delivery. It tones the pelvic region of women and improves your body overall. Balance is required to perform Vrikshasana yoga. It looks like a tree. To do this asana, you stand straight on a yoga mat and now lift your right leg and place it on the thigh of the left leg. Raise both your hands upwards and join them at the top. Try to stand in this position to the best of your ability.

Lose extra weight after cesarean delivery Downward dog posture yoga –
Ustrasana or Camel Pose massages all the organs including the kidney as well as sends fresh blood to the body parts thereby oxidizing and detoxifying them. Ustrasana helps in reducing belly after C-section delivery. To do this asana, first of all, by laying a yoga mat, stand on your knees, now bend backward from the side of your waist and take both your hands back and tilt your head back and Place both the hands on the heels of the feet. Try to stay in the position of Ustrasana for 40 to 60 seconds.

Marjarasana yoga to lose weight after delivery –

The person doing this asana looks like a cow and a cat, hence it is also called cow-cat pose in English. This is a good yoga asana for women to lose weight after the operation. It makes your spinal cord elastic and increases blood flow. To do this asana, keep your head straight on a yoga mat and keep both your hands on the ground by kneeling. Now while inhaling, bring your head back and your chin up. Now while exhaling lower your head and try to touch your chin to your chest. Do this asana at least 5 to 6 times. This asana is beneficial for reducing the stomach.

Navasana Yoga to reduce belly after having a baby through operation –

Navasana (Naukasana) yoga is considered very good for reducing weight after having a baby by C-section delivery. This asana is known to reduce belly fat and cure many types of diseases. To do Navasana, you sit on a yoga mat with both your legs straight in front of you. Keep the spine straight and both hands straight on the ground. Now keep both your legs straight and raise them up. To balance, you lean slightly backward, keep the arms straight in front of you. In this, an angle of 45 degrees will be made at the waist between your legs and the upper part of the body. Stay in Navasana for 10 to 20 seconds, then lower your legs and come to your starting position.

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